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Colonoscopy Time from prep to after care Keto Paleo 

Hi, you came to this post because you are likely having a colonoscopy soon, or a procedure that requires bowel prep. 

I am no longer shy to talk about toilet stuff or poop, as an IBD warrior, nothing is TMI anymore.  

Here you'll learn about my latest experience with colonoscopy from before - the diet and bowel preparation, the during - what to expect to the after - how to calm and soothe your gut back to "normal".  

One of my added challenge is doing this as close to a Keto Paleo way as possible. It wasn’t easy but I made it. Let me tell you how.

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It has been 7 years since my last scope.

In 2013, I had one to investigate my bleeding gut and eventually diagnosed me with mild to moderate, Ulcerative Colitis, the inflammation was through most of my colon. 

My current GI recommended I repeat this not-so-comfortable procedure as a routine check up, keep in mind that IBD-ers have a higher chance of developing Colon Cancer.  

Are you uncomfortable about bathroom talk? I was too. There're still a lot of taboo around poop talk. It is my aim to normalize these bowel related conversations to bring awareness and education on digestion health.


  • Follow a low fibre/ low residue diet 3 -7 days before your procedure 
  • The day before - liquid only and Pedilyte drink 
  • The day of procedure - make sure you get your last hydration in 3 hours window before, no liquid, no water, nothing by mouth until after.   

Hope you’ll find these tips helpful, get an idea of what to expect, what not to do, and how to care for yourself after.  


My GI put me on a week of low fibre diet to prep, which seems long, most IBDers I talked to says 3 days. For some people, a low fibre diet might not be a big deal, the Standard American Diet consist far too little fibre, but I eat mainly meat and vegetables, very minimal grains. How was I suppose to survive a week without my daily fermented vegetables that are don’t eat list?  

What to eat

I focused on well cooked protein, instant pot cooked lamb and pork, ground beef or pork, poached fish in bone broth.
Here are some of my recipes that are fairly low in fibre to start, you can also reduce the vegetables in them further.

Chinese bunless burger in broth aka steamed meat patty
Pork and chicken liver meatballs 
How to steam a whole fish
AIP Hainanese Chicken
Better Consume 

It's recommended to eat only cooked or canned fruits and vegetables. See the guides of what not to eat in reference link.  I ate avocados, and sneaked in some, peeled and seeds removed, cucumbers to fill that green crunch. 
I also added some vegetables into my bone broth for taste and strained them before drinking. 

Hydration & Electrolytes
With the fiber limitation, I added more excitement on my beverages throughout the week. Adding flavouring with citrus juice, apple cider vinegar to flat or carbonated water. 
On the liquid only day before, I had bone broth, gelatine made with coconut water, flavourful teas of all sorts and a bit of decaf coffee

As for electrolytes, I used to make my own drink cause most of the store bought Sport drinks are filled with loads of sugar and chemicals, not my Pineapple tasting one by Niyama, it has zero calories, zero sugar and keto paleo friendly. Yum!

The whole procedure took only 15 mins, I was pretty amazed this time around, perhaps, I am not in a flare with an inflamed colon like my first diagnosis scope. I was also very weak, scared and unwell. 
The IV sedation kicked in within minutes, then I got to watch the inside of my “track” like a movie, I remember blurting out, at some point "Wow, my colon looks so beautiful..." I must have sounds so funny, but in comparison to an inflamed colon, which can be red, patchy or mucus-y, my tunnel looked good. 

The nurse told me afterwards "...you're done, go on with your regular routine..." well, I know there should be more care to follow, so here’s what I did. 
Instead of hopping right back on a fibre rich diet, I eased myself in continued with well cook, much  missed, cabbage and broccoli in lots of bone broth, I held off on raw veggies for another day, gelatin might be a keeper as great refreshing go to treat in the warmer weather. 
I took  GUT FX a gut healing supplement to sooth irritations especially from biopsy or removal of polyps. I love this supplement cause it has many gut soothing ingredients like marshmallow root, L-glutamine, aloe vera, slippery elm, probiotics formulated in it. I used to buy these ingredient individually and try to remember to take them all during my gut flare days.  
I went to bed with some tummy discomfort, so I rubbed some lavender essential oil and applied heat and fell asleep. 
The next day, I felt pretty good, energy was good and tummy ache was gone. 
When asked how I was feeling, I told friends that my gut flora was a bit confused. It took a few days before my bowel movement returned to normal again. 

Tips & Take Away

Try a good digestive supplements to support digestion during the sudden change in diet, a quality probiotics would be great too.
Magnesium and Vitamin C are part of my daily,  but did you know that they can help moving your bowels too?  

...and that liquid laxative, it's like drinking air freshener. I drank it through a straw and tricked my senses with a distracting smell. You can try smelling fresh herbs, but holding a bottle of Rosemary Essential Oil under my nose did the job for me. 
It's interesting the colonoscopy had a resetting effect on my gut, reducing fibre for a short period gave my gut a break, I also didn't realize how much I used to reach of nuts and seeds. 
I'm taking it as a good opportunity to re-evaluate my diet and observe what I can reduce and even re-introduce back. 

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Keep well and chat soon.


Reference & Resources:
The following links provided good examples of low residue diets