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The most important nutrient we need? It's not what you think.


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 Photo by Chris Ralston on Unsplash

Why Hydrate?

We all have been told that we need to stay hydrated, but it's not just about drinking more water, there's more to it. 

Hydration is one of the six health foundation I am studying right now, it is not the first one we learned through my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner training, however I wanted start here because it can be the simplest and possible most impactful way to improve your well-being. It has for me, let me tell you how. 

Let’s begin with how proper hydration supports the many functions in our bodies, here are just a few to ponder on…

  • Keep our body temperature stable - we sweat to cool down to prevent overheating
  • Protect our joints and organs - water cushions, lubricates and absorbs shock to protect our joints and organs 
  • Helps our digestion - proper hydration supports our digestion from producing enough stomach acids, to promoting regularity. 
  • Smoother breathes - water moisturize the air we breathe in to improve our respiration

What is hydration?

Water is the often overlooked but most important nutrient we need to survive and thrive. Yes I said nutrient because we seriously need it to stay alive. From my veteran dad's war time stories, he told me that he would go hungry often, but the troop always had to make sure they had enough water to drink. I learned at a very early age that without food we can still go for weeks, but without water, we can only last a few days. Thanks to Dad! Later I learned why; our body can tap into stored energy in our muscles and adipose tissues, our body fat can save us in desire straight time, but since we cannot store water as well as camels can, we need to continually replenish the majority of water we need to function through our food and beverages. 

Apparently, it's not just about drinking more, the quality matters too. 

How should I start? 

This applies to everybody, source out the purest water you can find, invest in a filtration system that works with your budget, but the gamer changer in my hydration upgrade is coming... Try to start your morning with a glass, add a pinch of sea salt, squeeze of lemon juice or step up with one of these products to remineralize your drinking water. Most filtration systems remove harmful substances along with minerals we need. I thought I was pretty good with my hydration before learning this, I sprinkled sea salt in my water, which I learned from my fasting practice. But when I added Trace Minerals from both of these products to improve electrolytes and absorption. 

ConcenTrace drops are tasteless, it adds a smoother mouth feel, fuller body to my water. I add a couple drops each time I fill my 18oz water bottle and really don't notice a difference in taste. 


Concentrace Mineral Drops
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Niyama's After Practice Replenish & Repair has a refreshing Pina Colada taste with no sugar added. I enjoy this in chilled water. 
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How much water should I drink?

That depends on your bio-individuality. How old are you? How active are you on a physical level? What do you eat? Water rich whole foods or dehydrating and sugar ladened processed food? 

How do I know if I need to drink more?

Watch for early signs of dehydration… Do you get headaches, fatigue or cravings? You may confuse the need to eat with the need to drink. Note your pee colour, is it dark or like the colour of straw?  Your body has lots of cues to tell you what it needs, listen closely and learn from your innate wisdom. 

What has this done for me?

I noticed I was not visiting the bathroom as often and felt a difference in my energy and mental focus. I also have dropped a few pounds since I started remineralizing my water.  This can be partially from being better hydrated or slowly implementing other action steps from my Nutritional Therapy course.

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