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UTI Gummies

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  • Utiva now has cranberry PAC gummies for kids. Cranberries have long been considered a natural treatment for Urinary Tract Infection symptoms and recurrences. Utiva by Szio+ has the most active molecule of the cranberry which is the Proanthocyanidins (PACs).
  • Daily treatment at the right concentration (18mg PAC measured by the BL-DMAC Method) is the right dosage for kids and promotes natural flushing of the urinary tract by making the surface less adhesive to bacteria.
  • This gummy is grape flavoured and yummy and also has natural vitamin C as a bonus.
  • Urinary tract support and high in antioxidants for general health benefits


  • 18mg PACs from cranberry (120mg cranberry) and 20mg of Vitamin C

Recommended Dosage

  • Take 4 gummies every day to attain 18mg PACs at the same time.